On the 5th of April, 1973 at Tîrgu Mureș specialists succeeded the first open heart surgery. This extraordinary achievement contributed to developing a university centre which managed to become one of the leading medical fields in Roumania.

This success was possible due to a team of doctors with great enthusiasm and a powerful will to defeat the barriers of a difficult era. Thus they proved Tîrgu Mureș to be a home for healing.

Today, celebrating 45 years from the first success, which opened the way for thousands of more to come, we invite  fellow professionals of your clinic to the jubilee event “45 years of open heart surgery / Bridge over  time”, which will take place in Tîrgu Mureș, between the 4th and the 6th of April.

Fellow specialists and colleagues from abroad, who contributed to this work throughout almost half a century will join us in celebrating one of the most important medical fields in Roumania.

This event is credited with 14 EMC points.


Prof. dr. Horațiu Suciu,

Prof. dr. Klara Brânzaniuc, and

The Medical team of IUBCvT Tîrgu  Mureș